Pay-As-You-Go Consultations

You started your own business to do that thing you love, but you've also got to do the post office run, the accounts and the marketing.

And that's totally not your thing, but you don't have the budget to make it someone else's thing - so what to do?!

Simple. You book a consultation session, and tell me what's doing your head in.

My specialist areas are branding, marketing and websites. But I've also learned a lot setting up my own business, from working things out myself and learning from world-leading experts. Plus, I have a fantastic contact book of experts in all sorts of fields.

So honestly, you can ask me about anything - whether you have a specific question or project to get advice about, or just *gestures vaguely to the world*

I'll be your 'critical friend', asking questions to help you uncover the answers you need and giving JUST DO THIS THING advice when it's needed.

Tell me where you want to get to, and we'll work out the journey to get there.

Whatever you need, I'm here to help

Use me as a sounding board to work through your thoughts and ideas, to decide what your business will be, where it will go, and what you need to do to get there. Things like:

- what you want to be known for

- how to split off and re-brand a separate part of your business

- what to call your business

- how to take your skills and create a business with them

- how to switch your business from in-person to online
If your business is sorted but you need help with the marketing stuff, we could talk about:

- what social media would be best to use, and how to do it

- what you need in a website, or how to improve your existing one

- how to promote your business when you have a budget of absolutely no money

- where to even start with marketing plans and campaigns and whatever...

- how to tell if the marketing you're doing is even worth it

Is your business doing your head in?
Not sure what to do next?
Working your bum off but not getting results?

Let's talk. I can help.

It doesn't even have to be that specific

We could just have a couple of hours open session where we go through whatever you need at the time.

I'll say 'tell me about your business' and we go from there. You can spill it all out and get it off your chest, then we can start putting everything back together in some sort of order.

You'll get 100% of my attention focused 100% on your business. Over a cuppa, over the internet.

Sounds good?

Great! Choose a date and time that suits you, and let's talk things through.

90 minute video call with recording included - £95

Write-up of the discussion/recommendations available. Additional £45, arranged in the video chat.


Email me.


PS: If you're not sure about plunging into this yet, how about a little Try Before You Buy? Nothing to lose!

PPS: You can get quarterly consultations with me as a member of BUILD Business Club EXTRA. They're a bit cheaper, too. Just thought I'd let you know.