Firm Foundations

My 3-part programme that helps you discover and define the essential elements to form the bedrock of your business.

- Not sure what your business should be?
- Not happy with what your business offers or who you're working with?
- Struggling to pin down what to offer or who to focus on?
- Unsure how to clearly describe what you do?

Firm Foundations will help you work out what your business is all about.

Discover and define your Ideal Client, Perfect Offer and Brand Identity. These three things define the who/what/why that underpins everything you do, making business decisions and marketing activities so much easier, and keeping you on track.

If you're just starting out, or you're not happy with what your business is all about, Firm Foundations is the thing for you.

How It Works

All three parts of the programme work together, in this order. Here's what they're all about, and how they help:

1: The Ideal Client

You might be familiar with the traditional target audience, but this is somewhat different. We'll go through a step-by-step process to create a persona that represents your absolutely perfect, No 1 ideal client.

What for? When you come to consider any actions you have to take in your business - from offering new services to writing your marketing messages - you bring your ideal client to mind and write as if you were speaking directly to them.

Basically, it just makes everything LOADS easier.

2: Your Perfect Offer

There's many ways you can provide your skills and services to clients, so this stage helps you uncover what clients really need and want from you and how best to present that. That's why we work out the ideal client first, so you can create services exactly for them!

Plus: I'll tell you the difference between what clients NEED and WANT, and why it's important.

But that's not all! It's just as important that your offer is perfect for YOU. So we also consider your personal characteristics to ensure the way you're working makes you happy - as well as being profitable!

3: Brand Identity

When your present Your Perfect Offer to The Ideal Client, what does that look like? How do they feel, what do they hear?

That's what we work out here.

We take a big broad view of your business - the vision and values that underpin everything you do. We work out what makes you stand out, and why people will like you and want to work with you.

This process gives you a clear, accurate definition of your business that you will use for every project and idea you have. It forms the basis for briefing graphic designers and copywriters to help you with marketing materials, and is a touchpoint for making decisions from developing new services to hiring new staff.

There's Options For Everyone!

Firm Foundations is available in three formats: do-it-yourself workbooks, workbooks-plus-advice-session, and an all-about-you personal programme.

Choose the one that works best for you.


A set of 3 step-by-step workbooks to work through in your own time:
01: The Ideal Client
02: Your Perfect Offer
03: Brand Identity

Plus my editable template to create your bespoke 'My Business, My Brand' book.

Download everything and get started straightaway.



All 3 workbooks and the template, plus help from me to answer questions and give you a bit of a kick in the bum (if you need it) to keep you on track.

You get two 90-minute advice sessions - one after you've read the first 2 workbooks and one after you've read the third.

Advice sessions are booked in advance, to make sure you get on with doing the workbooks - that's that kick in the bum!



I'll take you through all 3 parts of the programme, over the course of 2 days.

We carefully discuss your business, your vision and your needs to nail all the details.

Then I create your bespoke 'My Business, My Brand' book, ready for you to use in creating marketing materials, briefing designers and photographers, making business decisions - it sits at the heart of everything you do.

Online sessions: £950
In-person: Email me to enquire

Got questions?

Ask me!

Psst! Interested in the Do-It-Yourself option? Just a little heads-up.

All three Firm Foundations workbooks are in the BUILD Business Club library of lessons. Membership is only £15 a month, and you get access to the library straightaway.

Get all the info here.