My Pledge To You:




You started your business coz you're awesome at [the thing you do] - but what about all the rest of it?

Facebook, Instagram, SEO, influencers... there seems to be something new to do every week!

So you're signing up for all the free webinars and workshops that Facebook ads throw at you. But when it's finished, what do you actually do with all the stuff you've learned? And who has £2000 for the course they try to sell you at the end?!

It's OK. We can do this.

'Working with Clair is inspiring, she makes me want to do continue to do better.

I'm getting huge amounts of support and encouragement from the group, and learning new things every week.'

- Emily, WordPress expert

'Love your energy and creative approach. Will find your support invaluable as I work through my planning and marketing.'

- Ann, coach


BUILD Business Club is your online hub of practical information and support for building and growing your business.

It's designed for people doing EVERYTHING themselves, with limited time and even less money.

Here's how it works:

At the heart of the Business Club is an online library of practical information about all sorts of marketing and business/personal development stuff. There's a clear map to help you work out where to start and where to go next, it's all written in Plain English (not stupid jargon) and there's step-by-step guides to get you using this new knowledge quickly and easily.

As well as all the information in the library, there's regular Q&A sessions with me where you can get more in-depth help, different explanations of things, or whatever else you need. All sessions are recorded, so you can go back and watch them whenever you like.

You're really not alone in this - you'll be welcomed into our fantastic community of other small business owners, who are all going through the same things as you. Share your worries and headaches, support each other through the tough stuff, and celebrate each others successes. Everyone will learn and grow together.

We'll keep you on track and making progress with goal-setting sessions, Action Hours and 'JFDI days' for those who need external accountability (like me!). New to JFDI? It's like the Nike strapline, but with more of a kick in the bum. I said 'no hustle or hassle' and I mean it, but also 'no excuses'. Remember, no work = no transformation - and we want that transformation for you and your business!


You can also add private consultancy sessions with me, if you like. I'll send you all the details once you've joined.

Ready? Go!

Join us now and get immediate access to our supportive community, with past Q&A Sessions and general discussions of all sorts of things about marketing and business development.

In the welcome pack I'll let you know the date of our next Community Catch Up video call, where you can meet other members and introduce yourself to everyone. We'd love to see you there!

£18 a month


add quarterly one-to-one
consultations with me, if you like


with or without my help, but
no work = no transformation


get the results you deserve
for all your hard work

Practical knowledge - not learning for learning's sake.

Clear advice - step-by-step guides for what to do first and what follows it.

Understanding and support - I've been there, and learned from a LOT of mistakes!

Cut through the waves of webinars, bestselling business books and shiny-suited experts.

Spend less time building your business, and more time growing it.

Karen, a homeopath, had been in business for a long time but wasn't hitting her goals and was feeling frustrated with a lack of results. She'd been given lots of advice but was struggling to put it into action.

On joining BUILD Business Club, Karen said:

'I realise that I like being part of a group, it makes being self employed less isolating. Clair is enthusiastic and energetic, match her energy and you will do well.'

Got questions?

You might have questions about whether BUILD Business Club is the right thing for you.

People have asked before, so here's some answers.


1) I don't have time for this sort of thing, I'm busy enough just running my business

I hear you, I absolutely 100% hear you. The Business Club is designed to fit into the time you have available - even if that's only an hour a week.

The lessons in the library are always there, you can dip into them whenever it suits you. There's no fixed timetable, you just work through it when you can. Also, lessons are kinda bite-size, so you don't have to work for days and days before you see any progress.

You can ask questions about anything, anytime you need to - just post in the community. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the answers - you've all got experiences to share. I'll answer in-depth in our monthly Q&A sessions, which are recorded so don't worry if you can't watch them live.

Our fortnightly Thursday video sessions are no more than an hour - we do Q&As where you can get advice and ideas about anything business/marketing, and our awesome Community Catch-Up where everyone shares how they're getting on and what their plans are for the coming month.

You can catch up with goings-on in the community in your regular lunchtime scroll through Facebook (I know you do that, we all do!), and on JFDI Days you update your task list the same as you would ticking off things on a list on your desk.

It's totally designed from the point of view of 'I'm too goddamn busy for this stuff'.


2) I'm only just starting to think about my business and I don't know any of this stuff, so I feel like a bit of a twit in front of everybody else who knows what they're talking about

Please don't worry (I know that's easier said than done). There is no place in the Business Club for people who make others feel like a twit.

Everybody has to start somewhere, and nobody gives you a handbook when you start a business, so we're here to help. You can learn from the mistakes that we've all made (I'll definitely tell you about mine!) and with that, you'll probably make faster progress than everybody else in the group!

Plus, everything is written in normal words, not stupid marketing jargon - and there's even a guide to help you with that!


3) I don't want to be hassled, I need to take things at my own pace

Sure! We totally expect people to work through things at their own pace - it's not a race. Tortoises and hares are equally welcome.

There's no timetable for when you go through the lessons in the library, you just start with the first topic and work through them in sequence. It's not a course with an end point and a graduation day, the Business Club is an ongoing resource for help, advice, support, inspiration - whatever you need, we're here for you.


4) I don't need all these lessons, I'm confident with marketing and business development

OK great, that's awesome. If you already have knowledge and experience of modern small business marketing, then yeah maybe you don't need the lessons in the library.

But there's more to the Business Club than the lessons in the library. Many of our current member joined for the community, the support, the inspiration.

There's sessions for goal-setting and progress reports, there's random questions and advice in the community, there's Action Hours and JFDI Days... Oh my goodness, are there JFDI Days! I schedule them for every Tuesday, but if members need to just effing do it today they set up an 'Unofficial JFDI Day' and crack the hell on with their to-do list.

We're pretty much there for whatever you need us for! Plus, remember all that 'didn't even know you didn't know' stuff...


So, Business Club members get:

- A library of lessons for setting up your business, sorting out your marketing, and lots of other useful stuff.

- Group Q&As with me.

- Action Hours, get-it-done days and catch-up calls, for accountability and staying on track.

- Our super-supportive community for sharing what's happening in your business - the good, the bad, and the downright annoying.

All for just £18 a month

Hi, I'm Clair

I help small business owners figure out what they're doing, where they're going and how to get there.

So if you feel like you're:
- making it up as you go along
- not getting seen
- not being understood
- working hard but not getting results
- making plans but not moving forward

Don't worry. We can do this.

No stupid jargon. No 'too good to be true' promises. No hustle or hassle.

Just practical information and support to help you work out the right path and get going along it.