Working out all this 'running your own business' stuff is a pain in the bum, eh?

You started your business coz you're awesome at [the thing you do] - but what about all the rest of it?

So you turn to Google, and that's even less helpful! So many options and ideas, must-do this, essential plans for that...

Where do you even start?!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, websites, SEO, influencers... and now everyone's going on about TikTok! *rolls eyes til they fall out*

So you're signing up for all the free webinars, challenges, and masterclasses that Facebook ads throw at you. But once the presentation is over, what do you actually do with all that new knowledge? And who has £1000 for the course they try to sell you at the end?!

It's OK. You're not alone.

Whether you're not sure how to set up your business or how to get people to buy your services, the BUILD Business Club is here to help.

Hi, I'm Clair With The Hair

I love helping small business owners do what they do, better.

After a 20+ year career in marketing, I launched my own business - and it didn't get off to a flying start!

No-one gives you a handbook (as you know!), so I spent far too long building my business, finding my audience, changing my offer and deciding on my brand identity.

I knew what I wanted, I just didn’t know how to get there.

Sound familiar?

I've learned a lot - some from my career, some from Google, some from world-leading experts - and I’ve nailed all this stuff now. So you can too.

And with my help, you can get there a lot quicker than I did!

My Pledge To You:




If you feel like you're:
- making it up as you go along
- not getting seen
- not being understood
- working hard but not getting results
- making plans but not moving forward

BUILD Business Club is here to help.

No stupid jargon. No 'too good to be true' promises. No hustle or hassle.

Just practical information and encouragement to help you work it all out and get your bum into gear.

Nice words from previous clients

'Love your energy and creative approach. Will find your support invaluable as I work through my planning and marketing.'
- Ann, coach

'Thank you so much Clair. I've learned a lot and have so many new ideas for my business now.'
- Lauren, boutique owner

'This was great. You explained everything so clearly. You've given me a lot of ideas and really challenged me.'
- Emily, WordPress expert

Practical knowledge and understanding for small business owners doing EVERYTHING themselves, with limited time and even less money

Here's how it works:

At the heart of the BUILD Business Club is an online library of practical information about all sorts of marketing and business/personal development stuff. There's a clear map to help you work out where to start and where to go next, it's all written in Plain English (not stupid jargon) and there's step-by-step guides to get you using this new knowledge quickly and easily.

As well as all the information in the library, there's regular Q&A sessions with me where you can get more in-depth help, different explanations of things, or whatever else you need. All sessions are recorded, so you can go back and watch them whenever you like.

You're really not alone in this - you'll be welcomed into our fantastic community of other small business owners, who are all going through the same things as you. Share your worries and headaches, support each other through the tough stuff, and celebrate each others successes. Everyone will learns and grow together.

We'll keep you on track and making progress with goal-setting sessions and 'JFDI days' for those who need external accountability (like me!). New to JFDI? It's like the Nike strapline, but with more of a kick in the bum. I said 'no hustle or hassle' and I mean it, but also 'no excuses'. Remember, no work = no transformation - and we want that transformation for you and your business!

Sounds good?
Come and join us!


BUILD Business Club is open to new members until MIDNIGHT on Thu 26 November
Membership costs just £15 a month


Click here to join now!

Remember, BUILD Business Club is only open to new members for...

More nice words from other previous clients

'I loved that it was so relaxed and very very informative. Learnt soooo much. I don't feel so lonely in starting a business now!'
- Rachel, flower grower

'Great course, as ever lots of food for thought that I need to go away and put into practice. You have covered a good spread of things, some things that I knew a bit about but have a better idea about now, and others that I hadn't even considered.'
- Helen, photographer